Drinking with Chickens

2024 Still Life with Chicken and Drink Calendar

$15.00 USD $22.00 USD

Welcome to a whole darned year of moody, colorful, completely pointless Dutch Still Life-inspired images featuring chickens and drinks. Why? Who even knows.

Just go with it.

But wait! There’s more! Each month comes with a simple, vibrant cocktail recipe for your happy hour pleasure. But why stop there?! This handy calendar is full of all the fun, completely unimportant booze and animal-related National Days (you know, like National Drinking with Chickens Day) in addition to countless other useful features such as: actual holidays, phases of the moon, Saturdays as well as Sundays, days of the month organized in ascending order, a tiny hole to store a thumbtack in, and so much more!

Cheers to 2024!

12"x12" twelve month calendar with saddle-stitched top edge, full color 10pt cardstock gloss cover and full color 100# gloss text pages. 1/8" thumbtack hole.

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