Drinking with Chickens

Vintage Crystal Rooster Stem Coupes, set of 4

$65.00 USD

This is a used item. We make no claims or guarantees as to its provenance, age, materials, integrity, or safety. It's just a cool old chickeny thing to collect, yanno?

HOLY CHICKEN COCKTAIL GLASS, BATMAN. These delicate little crystal beauties are so hard to find and they are so whimsical and pretty. Each crystal glass features a dainty little three dimensional rooster whose graceful tail becomes the glass stem. They are in immaculate condition and did I mention they are crystal??

Set of 4. Each glass measures 5.5" tall x 3" wide and holds 3 oz. of snack cocktail goodness.

We regret that we are unable to ship internationally at this time.

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