Drinking with Chickens

Vintage Recipe Rooster Cocktail Shaker

$65.00 USD

**This is a used item. We make no claims or guarantees as to its provenance, age, materials, integrity, or safety. It's just a cool old chickeny thing to collect, yanno?

So convenient to have cocktail recipes right on your shaker. Along with chickens.

These beautiful shakers are in great condition (expect a tiny bit of age-related wear--THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT'S GOOD-- but overall it looks fantastic!).

Approximate dimensions: 3.5"x 9", glass shaker with chrome lid. Holds about 32 oz. of liquid. Hand washing recommended, because: SHE OLD.

Two types available:

A: is in mint condition. I feel like this thing has never been used.

B: Is in great condition, but has a non-original lid on it. Still works great!

Ships directly from DWC headquarters in SoCal. 

We regret that we are still unable to ship internationally at this time.

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